In a world where you are fortunate or unfortunate depending on where you are born we all need to contribute the less fortunate once. In some part of the world equal rights are not obvious. CEVT ME wants to contribute for change!

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  • Kim Cheng Kim Cheng Donated 100 kr

  • Robert  Holmén Robert Holmén Donated 100 kr

    Goal fulfilled!! Great work all!!!

  • Jan Wirén Jan Wirén Donated 500 kr

  • Riim Said ActionAid
    Hi CEVT ME!

    It is awesome that you have joined the challenge with the team CEVT ME and are with us in the fight for women's rights. We want to send you a big boost of energy! It is amazing that you already raised 1400:-, this will contribute to a big change. You have set a goal of 2000:-! If you succeed in collecting 2000: - it can lead to 12 women receiving training in leadership which strengthens their confidence and the opportunity to get out of poverty. It could also lead to 4 women being educated as midwives. A vital mission as it kills 800 women in maternal mortality every day.
    You are amazing and together we are strong - keep fighting!

    Check out our fundraising tips at the link:

    Best Regards
    Riim from ActionAid

  • Jaques Kallo Jaques Kallo Donated 200 kr

    Till kvinnor som faktist behöver hjälp!

  • Madelen Bark Madelen Bark Donated 500 kr

    En viktig fråga som kräver engagemang ifrån många olika håll! Stolt över vår avdelning som har detta i fokus.

  • Stefan Liliegård Stefan Liliegård Donated 100 kr

    Keep on walking!

  • Eric Muhire Eric Muhire Donated 200 kr

    For Strong women like my grandmother.

  • Louise ActionAid
    Hi CEVT ME! Thank you for joining the Strong Women Challenge and wanting to make a difference. We are stronger together!
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  • CEVT ME CEVT ME Donated 100 kr

    Jag vill skänka glädje med att skänka en get, och att Blåvitt är bäst. Geten ska heta Rolf

  • Robert Holmén Robert Holmén Donated 200 kr