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Through Strong Women Challenge, I am in solidarity with all women all over the world fighting for their rights. Please join the challenge and start your own fundraising or support mine! Thanks!


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  • Riim Said ActionAid
    Hi Lydia!

    Thank you for joining Strong women challenge and are with us in the fight for women's rights. We want to send you a big boost of energy! It is amazing that you already raised 150: - this will contribute to a big change. You have set a goal of 2500! If you succeed in raising 1000: - it can lead to 6 women receiving training in leadership which strengthens their confidence and the opportunity to get out of poverty. It could also lead to 2 women being educated as midwives. A vital mission as it kills 800 women in maternal mortality every day.You are amazing and together we are strong - keep fighting!

    Check out our fundraising tips at the link:
    Best regards,
    Riim from ActionAid

  • Louise ActionAid
    Thanks for joining the Strong Women Challenge! We are stronger together! Good luck with your challenge <3
    If you have any questions please contract
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