The I dare you-group of friends has challenged ourselves to adrenaline intense adventures as well as psychologically tough experiences for 10 years now. We now want to focus our physical energy for the next two weeks in favour of supporting women around the globe. 35% of all women worldwide are subject to violence and nearly every fifth woman is raped during her lifetime. This must end! We will train and challenge ourselves every day for 14 days in support of the Strong Women Challenge - please donate to our fundraising campaign!

5,350 kr

26% 20,000 kr



Team Leader
Helena Fagraeus

Team Members

Rank Fundraiser Name Donations Amount Raised
1 Helena Fagraeus 8 2,750 kr
2 Caroline Åhman 5 1,400 kr
3 Hanna Lundgren 3 600 kr
4 Linda Sundström 2 600 kr

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    Bra initiativ!

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    Ett litet stöd för ett stort ändamål.

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    Go Helena!!

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    Bra initiativ!

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    Bra initiativ!

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